the person


Born 1954 in Villach, Carinthia, Austria, Feilacher developed in the eighties of the last century as sculptor after working some years as painter. His main material became wood, which he uses for indoor and outdoor works till monumental sizes. Since 2002 he expanded his materials, working also with combinations of wood and steel and he also casted polyurethan beside building installations of painted wood pieces.

Mission statement:

To know about nature`s absoluteness, about it`s powers and its constant circle which keeps repeating itself in the seasons is necessary, if you want to work with wood. To know about the dying of all creatures, but also about the possibility to give new life. I do not cut trees in order to work on them. There are so many trees are dying by different reasons, not only of age and rotten wood is very interesting. It is also a thing of respect for nature. I may be tampering with the art, but I do not want to disturb or destroy it. On the other hand the sensual air of an artistic idea, the spiritual must show in the material. The inner and outer harmony and freedom, the unity of imagination and reality.